Mathrix kick-starts Universeum’s mathematics initiative

The countdown is almost over. From 8 February onwards, visitors to Universeum will encounter mathematics in all conceivable forms. The new Mathrix exhibition provides easy access to the world of maths, with engaging experiences that explore subjects and questions encountered in everyday life.

Mathrix challanges

More than 25 different stations challenge our notions of what maths is. Images, sound and numbers are everywhere in Mathrix. Here, you can discover how to take the perfect photo by applying the golden ratio, see whether AI can determine what mood you’re in, or create music in a studio.

– One challenge we face is that people don’t regard maths as interesting or relevant. Another is that people believe that you either have or don’t have a ‘maths brain’. There are so many myths about maths and how to approach the subject! Our aim is to show that maths is for everyone – and that it is everywhere, says Carina Halvord, CEO of Universeum..

En pappa och hans barn spelar Jaget eller laget, en interaktiv monter inne i Mathrix.

Två seniorer sitter och pusslar med olika geometriska, färgglada former inne i utställningen Mathrix.

For perspective on maths

The exhibition is divided into four large areas: self, the world, creativity and nature. Each theme looks at maths from a different perspective. In the Self section, visitors are asked to look at themselves and their surroundings and can even find a soul mate. The World and Nature sections focus on experiences that help us to understand and influence the world we create together. Finally, visitors can make their own music or take the perfect photo in the Creativity section.

Activities and student programmes

A varied programme of activities will be organised involving Mathrix, starting in the winter sports holiday. The ‘Mattemanegen’ (Maths circus) show will take visitors on a historical journey that explores maths tricks, quirks and short cuts.

There will also be student programmes for lower and upper-secondary classes.


En pojke står och mäter olika vikter vid en monter inne i utställningen Mathrix.

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