On June 12th and 13th, Universeum will be closed. On June 14th, we will be opening several new areas and experiences.

En familj sitter framför oceantanken inne i Akvariehallen och tittar på de svartfenade revhajarna.

From the tiniest of molecules to vast galaxies.

At Universeum you can explore the world. Go on a rainforest safari, journey to the moon, conduct lab experiments like a scientist, learn about the human heart, and dive down into the depths of the oceans!

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Med en 360-skärm och avancerad visualiseringsteknik visas en rafflande föreställning om dinosaurier inne i Wisdome.

New! Wisdome opens in June.

Epic adventures in 8K resolution, with powerful new 3D technology and a screen that encircles you. Join us for a voyage out into space, back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, and to other places otherwise inaccessible to humans.

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Your visit contributes to a sustainable future.

When you visit Universeum, you are doing something really important while having lots of
fun. Our experiences provide knowledge and power to make the Earth a better and more
sustainable place to live. Every visit provides us with opportunities and funds to work on
lifelong learning, research and conservation of biodiversity.
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