food experiences for everyone.

Sustainable and enjoyable. That is our food philosophy. Everything we put on the plate is chosen with care, so that both you and the world will be well. Today and in the future.

It is Chalmers Conference & Restaurants that runs our restaurang and café, focusing on good and sustainable food.


En portion med fisk läggs varsamt upp på en fin tallrik i Universeums fina restaurang.


The restaurant is located on level 2.

Inne i restaurangen står en bänk med fika inför ett frukostmöte.


You will find or cosy café on level 1 outside the gates.

En pannkaka med ett glatt ansikte ligger uppdukad på en tallrik.

Lunch pack

You can bring your own food and eat at several places in the house. 

Fralla med ost och grönsaker.

Velcome to the rooftop terrace.

The rooftop terrace offers fantastic views, fresh air, and seating. On beautiful weather days, our summer café is open. We serve salads, shrimp sandwiches, hot dogs, rolls, and snacks here. You can find the door outside after the elevators, before Vislab, a few steps up.

Our menu.

In the restaurant, we base our menu on seasonal ingredients. The daily special is composed by our head chef the day before. What it will be depends on the ingredients available in our pantry and from our suppliers. This way, we can serve sustainable food with minimal food waste.

Today’s special


Today’s special

Served Monday to Friday.
Vegetarian dish of the day / catch of the day / meat of the day (SEK 129)

Salad, bread, tap water and organic coffee are included.

Weekend lunch

Served Sathurday and Sunday.
Vegetarian dish of the day / catch of the day / meat of the day (SEK 149)

Tap water and organic coffee are included.

Main courses

Shrimp sandwich (SEK 185)

Danish rye bread, boiled egg, mayonnaise, salad & lemon

Meatballs (SEK 155)

Mashed potatoes, lingon berry jam & cream sauce

Kids menu

Pancakes (SEK 75)

Whipped cream & jam

Meatballs (SEK 85)

Mashed potatoes, lingon berry jam & cream sauce

Ärtans vegetarian bolognese (SEK 85)
Bolognese out of peas, penne pasta, parmesan cheese

En familj som äter i Universeums fina restaurang

We contribute to reduced CO2 emissions.

Common to our restaurant and café is that we conduct clear sustainability work where we climate label all dishes with CO2 equivalents. This means that you can see how much carbon dioxide emissions that the food emits in total. 

En lunchtallrik får en sista garnering innan servering i Universeums restaurang.

Reduced food waste with Generation waste.

Our collaboration with Generation Waste allows us to measure our food waste - day by day. It also means that we can create awareness among both staff, guests and partners.