Explore the world. Form the future.

At Universeum you can explore the world, down to its tiniest molecules, as well as unimaginably vast galaxies, to discover where we fit into the universe. Discover the fascinating mechanisms of life, humankind’s technical advances, the epic diversity of nature and the countless mysteries of space. Explore the wider context of topics and phenomena, to help you understand how the world works and how everything is interconnected. Take a look at the society that shapes, and is shaped by, you. Once you understand the world, you can play your part in influencing the future.

Universeum contributes to a sustainable social development.

We work on increasing people's scientific capital, preserving biological diversity, and conduct research on lifelong learning. By doing so, we contribute to action competence for sustainable development and skills supply within STEM. This makes Universeum a meeting place and actor for sustainable societal development.

Ett litet barn undersöker tillsammans en monter inne i Miniverseum. En utställning för Universeums yngsta besökare.

Lifelong learning within STEM

Experiences at Universeum increase engagement in STEM subjects.  

En man står och undersöker hur en näringskedja i Serengeti ser ut inne i utställningen Vislab. Vad skulle hända om alla lejon dog ut där?

Research for accelerated learning

Applied research at Universeum within education.

En tvåfärgad tamarinunge tittar nyfiket åt vänster.

Preserving biodiversity

Universeum protects biodiversity by keeping endangered species and contributing to field projects.

En pojke står och mäter olika vikter vid en monter inne i utställningen Mathrix.


When visiting Universeum, you're doing something really important while having lots of fun. Through experiential learning, we provide people with knowledge and power so that together we can influence the future. Each guest also gives us opportunities and funds to work on our mission.


Our core values summarize our value base and permeate everything we do.


For us, sustainability means meeting today’s needs without jeopardising tomorrow’s resources. We encourage others and each other to act sustainably from all perspectives – human, environmental and economic.


With its facts, theories and approaches, science is our indisputable foundation. We create forums for others and each other, in which questions, thoughts and ideas about the world can flow freely.


The challenges of the present and the future require us to have the courage to make decisions and act, despite fears and risks. We give others and each other the courage to think again, think differently and think beyond the conventional.


When we have fun, we are more able to learn and have a greater desire to engage. We make others and each other feel involved, competent and important.

Universeum is a profit-making limited company, but does not pay dividends.

Earning money is not an aim for us, but a means to achieve our goals. We need to generate a positive financial result in order to operate and develop Universeum in a sustainable way, thereby contributing towards sustainable social development.

I Mathrix finns matematiken överallt. Mathrix består av stationer där du kan spela, skapa eller experimentera fram matematik.


Please contact us if you have any questions about us or our operations. You can telephone us between 8 am and 9:30 am every day. You can email us at any time, and we will reply within 24 hours.

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