Wisdome Gothenburg aims to aid our understanding of our planet, natural science and technology. Visualization technology aids our comprehension of phenomena and events that are too small, too big, too fast or too slow for the human eye to take in.

In Sweden's largest visualization dome with fulldome format, we take the 150 people in the audience into space, down into the depths of the sea and back in history to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Here the impossible becomes possible.

Wisdome Dinosaurie En berättelse om överlevnad


Wisdome Gothenburg will offer epic adventures. With 8K resolution, powerful new 3D technology and a screen that encircles you, you will become immersed in the experience as we voyage out into space, back in time and to other places otherwise inaccessible to humans. Here the impossible becomes possible!

Kvinna med 3D-glasögon i visualiseringsdom.

Important about wisdome.

Dome shows are not included in the admission or annual pass. To attend a dome show, you need to purchase a separate Wisdome ticket. Everyone watching a dome show requires a personal Wisdome ticket.

Please note that it is highly recommended to be minimum 4 years old to attend a dome show. This is due to the presence of bright light and heavy sound.



On August 27th, Wisdome Gothenburg is booked, and from August 29th to 31st 2 pm, planned maintenance work will take place. All dome shows on these days are canceled.

Universeums nya visualiseringsdom som öppnar sommaren 2023.

A national investment for a sustainable future.

Universeum's visualization dome is part of the Wisdome project, a national initiative made possible thanks to the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The project is based on the research in visualization that is conducted at Visualization Center C in Norrköping and Linköping University under the direction of Professor Anders Ynnerman.

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Rymdstationen ISS kommer närmre in i bild när filmen Stort visas inne i Wisdome.

mightier than you can imagine.

Wisdome Gothenburg offers a wopping 443 square meters screen that is curved to encircle you on both sides and above. Extremly powerful projectors for resolution in 8K. A more world-class sound system. New 3D technology with unique full spectrum color technology. And perhaps the most important thing of all: the visualization dome will enable visitors to go on a journey together, as they explore genuine research data and important future issues.

The technology in WISDOME GOTHENBURG.

Projection surface: 443 m2 tilted hemisphere of thin specially shaped aluminum sheets mounted on a skeleton of steel beams 18 meters in diameter. A total of 249 plates, where the tolerance between the plates is 0.1 mm so that no joints are visible. The surface is perforated with 51,428,480 small holes to let air and sound through. The construction weighs 4.5 tons and hangs from the ceiling in 16 chains that distribute the weight between the attachment points.

Projectors: Six projectors, model XDL-4K30 from Barco, which handle six different primary colours of laser. Superior 3D performance based on color separation using dual wavelengths and efficient use of light.

Resolution: Brightness up to 30,000 ANSI lumens, resolution 4,096 x 2,160 per projector and refresh rate 120Hz. Total resolution 8K.

3D glasses: Dolby 3D glasses with unique full-spectrum color technology for incredibly clear and colorful images.

Sound: Sound system from Meyer Sound. Six X40 speakers, four X-42 speakers (for different dispersion angle) and three X-800C woofers.