At Universeum you can explore the world, down to its tiniest molecules, as well as unimaginably vast galaxies, to discover where we fit into the universe. Discover the fascinating mechanisms of life, humankind’s technical advances, the epic diversity of nature and the countless mysteries of space. Explore the wider context of topics and phenomena, to help you understand how the world works and how everything is interconnected. Take a look at the society that shapes, and is shaped by, you.

Once you understand the world, you can play your part in influencing the future.

Flera barn experimenterar inne i Universeums kemilabb iklädda rockar och skyddsglasögon.

Full of shows and activities.

Shark spotting, dinosaur mysteries, chemistry experiments and galaxy journeys. We have filled the house with lots of fun and clever things for everyone. Check out what's happening on the day you visit.

See and do

En sengångare hänger upp och ner från ett träd och en tuco tukan tittar in i kameran.

summer with adventures and experiences.

Discover the rainforest, the chemistry lab, the human body, sharks, space and more. In the middle of Gothenburg, all summer.

All about the summer

All new at Universeum.

En förälder med barn sitter och pusslar med olika former inne i utställningen Mathrix.


Discover the usefulness of mathematics in your everyday life.

Tre vuxna står och utforskar den stora jordgloben som står inne i utställningen Vislab.


Research data meets visualisation technology to enable you to better understand the world.

Ett litet barn undersöker tillsammans en monter inne i Miniverseum. En utställning för Universeums yngsta besökare.


A best friend for all children and their grown-ups.



Join us on a journey of discovery inside your body.