Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D
Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D

Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D

What events occur around us every day that cannot be seen with the naked eye? Mysteries of the Unseen World focuses on things that are beyond our normal human vision, but which literally exist or happen right in front of our eyes. A show about natural phenomena and technology that opens our eyes to an otherwise unseen world.

High-speed cameras, time-lapse photography, electron microscopes and nanotechnology are used to help us see beyond what is in front of us. This advanced technology enables us to discover and explore processes, creatures and events that only scientists have previously been able to examine. How big is a flea, a mite or a nanoparticle? What is there around us in the air that we breathe? What can happen in a microsecond and how do our surroundings change over the course of a year?

There are countless natural phenomena that the human eye simply cannot perceive. Events that are too fast or too slow, or so very small or all too big. This show gives rise to an understanding of and fascination with all the hidden wonders around us, as well as the science and technology that allows us to explore the beauty, drama and vulnerability of an otherwise unseen world.

Title: Mysteries of the Unseen World
Recommended age: From 6 years
Run time: 40 minutes
Language: Swedish
Format: Partial dome
Resolution: 4K, 30fps

  • Family (child >7 year)
  • Dome show
  • Swedish
Wisdome (level 7)

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