Making Magic 3D

Making Magic 3D

Anything at all can happen in the magical world of visual effects. Making Magic is a computer-animated story of how visual effects are created for film and computer games – and how they are influenced by the laws of nature that govern the real world.

  • Dome Show

In a world that owes its existence to visual effects and computer animation, anything is possible. Join Peter Stormare on an unforgettable adventure generated entirely by computers. Discover how visual effects can recreate reality down to the tiniest detail, how triangles and lighting can produce realistic-looking dinosaurs, and how live-action material can be combined with computer-animated effects to produce today’s big blockbusters.

Making Magic is an 8K fulldome 3D show based on the research behind digital visual effects. It has been produced as part of the Wisdome project by Norrköping Visualization Center C, with support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Title: Making Magic - A Visual Effects Story
Recommended age: From 8 years
Run time: 33 minutes
Language: Swedish
Format: Fulldome 3D
Resolution: 8K, 30fps

  • Family (child >7 year)
  • Children/ Family
  • Adults
  • Dome show
  • Swedish
Wisdome (level 7)

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Important information about Wisdome.

Wisdome is not included in the admission or annual pass. To attend a show, you need to purchase a separate Wisdome ticket. Everyone attending a show needs their own Wisdome ticket.

There are intense lights and loud sounds in Wisdome. Therefore, the minimum age is 4 years old.

Please arrive at Universeum at least 20 minutes before the show begins. Keep in mind that your booked entry time must be before the show's start time. This allows you enough time to pass through the entrance gates and get to Wisdome on time. The show starts at the time indicated on the ticket, and entry closes at that time as well.