Chemistry of Life

Chemistry of Life

What is the secret of life? Take a journey into your inner universe with Chemistry of Life, an immersive show that uses advanced data visualizations to turn the molecular world into a big adventure.

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Living organisms that can be seen with the naked eye comprise billions of cells. Chemistry of Life uses advanced data visualisations to show us objects smaller than a single cell – the molecular world that all living things carry with them. Here we explore the mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, and the biochemical processes that allow us to eat, think and breathe. Processes that connect us to all other living things on Earth.

Chemistry of Life also reveals the secrets behind electron guns and the crackling network of neurons responsible for our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Chemistry of Life is also a story of constant scientific exploration and the processes behind life as we know it.

Chemistry of Life is an 8K fulldome 3D show based on the latest research and data visualisations produced by Norrköping Visualization Center C and internationally renowned biomedical animator Drew Berry. It has been produced as part of the WISDOME project by Norrköping Visualization Center C, with support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Title: Chemistry of Life – The invisible inside
Recommended age: From 10 years
Language: Swedish
Run time: 32 minutes
Format: Fulldome 3D
Resolution: 8K, 30fps

  • Family (child >7 year)
  • Children/ Family
  • Adults
  • Dome show
  • Swedish
Wisdome (level 7)

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