PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D
PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D
PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D
PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D
PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D
PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D

PACKAGE: Admission + Vast 3D

Admission to Universeum with free access to all exhibitions and activities + the dome show Vast in Wisdome Gothenburg. Pre-purchase tickets to secure your spot – always best price online!

  • Wisdome

The package includes admission to all exhibitions and activities plus ticket to the dome show Vast in Wisdome Gothenburg.

When you purchase this package, you can choose your own entrance time. Come to Universeum whenever you want, but make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before the dome show starts. This will give you enough time to pass through the entrance gates and make your way to Wisdome on time.

Discover Universeum – gain knowledge and power to make the Earth a better and more sustainable place to live. Universeum is filled with science and adventures about the whole world – from vast oceans and tropical rainforests to artificial intelligence, the human body and the infinite space.

Space is incomprehensibly vast. Thanks to our curiosity and quest for knowledge, humans have been driven to explore space and learn more about the universe. With Eva Röse as the narrator, we embark on a journey farther into space than any human has ever been. Everything we see on our journey is based on real data, collected through humanity's technological advancements and years of research. Vast shows us just how unfathomably large space is and that there is still an incredible amount left to explore.

Important to know
– Vast is a dome show presented at Wisdome Gothenburg. To attend the dome show, one should be at least 4 years old, as it involves bright lights and loud sounds. Everyone watching a dome show requires a personal Wisdome ticket.
– Additionally, everyone aged 3 and above needs either an entrance ticket or an annual pass to Universeum to visit Wisdome Gothenburg.
– Arrive at Universeum no later than 20 minutes before the start of the dome show.

Title: Vast 3D - A Cosmic Journey Through Time and Space
Recommended age: From 8 years old
Duration: 34 minutes
Language: Swedish

Speaker: Eva Röse
Format: Fulldome, 3D
Resolution: 8K, 60 fps

  • Family (child >7 year)
  • Children/ Family
  • Adults
  • Dome show
  • Swedish
Wisdome (level 7)

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