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About Universeum


Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest Science Centre. In 2013, 550 000 children, young people and adults visited us on Korsvägen in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our task is to have a positive effect on children’s attitudes to science, technology and maths. We want to make children and young people interested in these subjects and fire up their sense of curiosity, through activities and experiences that create understanding and faith in the future.

Our hope is that we can awaken an interest that leads on to studies and careers in these fields. Universeum also welcomes the wider public and seeks to be a first choice destination where visitors can learn something new in a fun way, or just have a great time.

Everything at Universeum is based in real science and focuses on interactivity as far as possible. Our remit is also to provide educational activities for students and teachers.





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