Important about your visit

Your visit at Universeum is currently affected by the corona pandemic, construction work and the West Link Project (Västlänken). We do everything we can to make your visit as good as usual, albeit a little different.


Safe and secure visits

We all need to take responsibility and do what we can to stop the spread of covid-19. We have taken several precautions to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus at Universeum. The safety of our visitors, employees, and animals are our number one priority.

How we make your visit safe and secure:
  • We only accept visitors with pre-purchased entrance tickets in order to spread the visitors throughout the day.
  • We have decided on a path through the house for all visitors to follow. Look for the signs.
  • We have paused all activities that may cause crowds. This means that we can not have experiments in the Chemistry Lab. Instead, we focus on activities where you can explore and discover on your own. Look for the QR codes in the house or ask the explainers for help. Our explainers also do spontaneous experiments and activities for individual groups.
What you can do to help ensure a safe and secure visit:
  • Keep a distance from other parties.
  • Wash your hands often. On all levels except level 2 there are toilets and around the house there are stations with hand disinfection.
  • Avoid visiting us if you are ill or have the slightest symptoms.


Tickets and annual passes

Due to the corona pandemic, tickets and annual passes are only sold online and most visits must be pre-booked with arrival time.

Entrance tickets

Tickets are pre-sold in our ticket shop. In connection with the purchase, you book arrival time for your visit.

Annual pass

Annual passes are pre-sold in our ticket shop. To see the validity of your annual card, log in to My pages.

If you have an annual pass you do not need to book an arrival time. We have reserved a certain number of spots for visitors with annual passes.

Other tickets

If you have free tickets or have bought entrance tickets via hotels or other partners to Universeum you do not need to book an arrival time.


Construction work

Right now it’s a bit messy, at Universeum as well as in the world. Our house is both being rebuilt and expanded, so that we can offer new and better experiences. During the construction period, parts of the house are closed:

  • Water’s Way is closed for the time being. The exhibition can not be kept open in a safe way during the construction of the visualization dome.
  • Jobland has closed for good to make room for Miniverseum, a completely new world for the very youngest. Miniverseum is scheduled to open in July.