Food and beverage

Hungry or craving a snack? During a full day of adventure, you need to recharge your batteries with something good to eat and drink.

  • Pop up café

    Level 2, accessed via level 1 (upstairs from the entrance)

    You will find our pop-up café on the 2nd floor. Here we offer salads, sandwiches and pancakes. For those who are craving a tasty treat, there are several different sweets and goodies to choose from, along with coffee, tea or cold drink.

    Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am –pm 3.30


    The pop-up café is on a temporary visit while we build a new restaurant and café. As part of Universeum’s development programme in the future, we are creating a completely new restaurant and event concept. In the spring of 2021, our new restaurant and café will be ready!

  • Picnic spots

    Level 3 and level 0

    It is of course possible to bring your own lunch to Universeum. Feel free to use one of our picnic areas in the house! On the 3rd floor there are tables where you can sit and eat your packed lunch. On floor 0 there are also tables for groups with children 0-9 years, as well as the possibility to heat baby food.