Universeum is Sweden’s national science center and one of the ten most visited experiences in Sweden. This makes us a powerful arena for education and public education in science, technology and sustainable development. We give children and adults the knowledge and power to make the earth a better and more sustainable place to live.


At Universeum, we explore the world through science and technology. The experiences in our learning environments and different programs increase children’s and adults’ knowledge of everything from the Big Bang and biodiversity to artificial intelligence. To acquire knowledge in the natural sciences and technical fields is also to understand how the world works.

Everything we do is based on science. We develop our content in close collaboration with the academy and hold people’s right to take part in scientific facts high. It is important that there is a public arena such as the Universeum, a place where citizens, academia and business can meet. A place where creativity and the ability to innovate are strengthened and critical thinking is activated. Where questions and ideas about the world and science can move freely.

Universeum is a public arena for lifelong learning, where children and adults can explore the world through natural science and technology. We create experiences that boost creativity and capacity for innovation, increase knowledge and activate critical thinking. With science as a foundation and teaching methods that engage, we challenge people to enrich their lives and take action to achieve a sustainable world.


Broad collaboration for sustainable development

We believe in lifelong learning. It is never too early nor too late to acquire new knowledge about the world. And knowledge is what is needed if we are to achieve the Global Goals by 2030. As a science center, we have an important role to play when Sweden is to transform into a sustainable society.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development have been our platform since 2017. Based on this, we develop our content to meet the needs of the outside world. Strengthened skills supply, improved achievement of targets in schools and digital switch-over are some of them.

All development takes place in close collaboration with our founders, donors and partners. Together, we work for and contribute to sustainable societal development.


Universeum’s founders: