Collaborations and donations

We give children and adults knowledge and the ability to make the earth a better place to live. In collaboration with partners and with the support of the outside world, Universeum is a strong resource for popular education and education in sustainable development.


As Sweden’s national science center, Universeum is an important and powerful arena for popular education and education in the areas of science, technology and sustainable development. Back in 1999, in connection with Universeum’s construction, we were allocated government funds to work with sustainable development. What was then a relatively unexplored area is now at the top of everyone’s agendas through Agenda 2030.

As a partner of Universeum, you become part of our development and investment in the future. We benefit from each other’s competence and power for a win-win situation. Sustainable collaborations create long-term values.

In order to develop our business, we are dependent on the support and commitment of the outside world. We work closely with our founders and are grateful for the trust from donors and financiers.


We are very proud of our collaborations and donations. Together, we create knowledge experiences that contribute to enhanced innovation, strengthened skills supply and a sustainable development of society.



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For questions about collaborating with or supporting Universeum, please get in touch with us.


Carina Halvord

Phone: +46 31 335 64 75


Coordinator for partnerships and external collaborations
Petra Palm

Phone: +46 31 335 64 71