New principal partner for Universeum

Published: 2022-09-26
Bilder: Universeum

Universeum and Volvo Cars have established a partnership as a way of contributing to sustainable social development. On 1 July, Volvo Cars became a principal partner to Sweden’s national science centre.


The collaboration between Universeum and Volvo Cars is intended to contribute to sustainable social development. From a societal perspective, the aim is to safeguard future provision of skills as a means of ensuring continued innovation and growth. It’s about equipping each individual, child and adult alike, with the skills to participate fully in their local community and society in general, and to adopt a sustainable approach in an increasingly complex and changing world.


Both parties already put considerable emphasis on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). This is evident in Universeum’s mission and in Volvo Cars’ social engagement and work on future skills requirements. STEM subjects are integrated with one another in our various environments and programmes and are experienced in an interdisciplinary context.

– At Universeum we explore the world through the STEM subjects. That approach will become even more marked as two of our key initiatives – on data visualisation and mathematics – near completion. We are also investing heavily in educational programmes, both in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and by developing our own in-house methods. We look forward to joining forces with Volvo Cars in work on these important issues for our future, says Carina Halvord, CEO of Universeum.


SKF and Saab have been principal partners to Universeum since 2021. The addition of Volvo Cars means that we now collaborate with three of Sweden’s top engineering and innovation companies. Carina Halvord:

– To be able to contribute to sustainable development, as an individual and as a society, requires knowledge and drive. If we are to meet the goals set out in Agenda 2030, then we have to encourage more players to come on board and work together on a broad front. I am delighted by this development and proud of the fact that Universeum’s efforts in the field of sustainability attract so many strong and important partners.


For Volvo Cars, the new partnership ties in neatly with its work on World of Volvo, a new experience centre in Gothenburg. Kristian Abel, Volvo Cars RnD, explains more:

– A profound interest in science and engineering and work with children and young people provides the foundation for our skills provision, which is crucial for our future. We are in the process of building World of Volvo to address the big picture and Universeum will be an important contributor going forward. We are incredibly proud here at Volvo Cars to be named a principal partner. For Volvo Cars, it is another step forward; one that ties in with the ongoing construction of World of Volvo.