Miniverseum is now open!

Published: 2021-10-29
Bilder: Universeum

Welcome to a new best friend for all children and their adults. 


Miniverseum is our big investment in all little adventurers. Take a boat trip, have coffee at an eco-café or do exciting assignments. From October 29 onwards, we will play, learn and discover – in Miniverseum it is always full speed ahead. Through both an area on level 0 and tailor-made program activities, we want to introduce biodiversity and sustainable development for children 0–6 years.

– We want the children to feel that Miniverseum is for them, and that thanks to that it is such a different and exciting place to also contribute to great experiences and memories.

Parents will learn many things, both about the very theme of biodiversity and sustainability, but also about how children think. I hope it will be a lot of listening to children’s thoughts and theories and that both children and parents will continue to be curious to continue research together, says Anna-Maria Andersson, educator who has been involved in the development of Miniverseum.

Let the game begin!