Coffee, climate and deforestation

Publicerad: 2015-08-13
Bilder: Universeum

Den 8 september håller Rainforest Alliance, Focali och Universeum ett öppet seminarium om kaffeodling, klimatförändringar och skogsavverkning. Seminariet hålls på engelska och är helt kostnadsfritt, men föranmälan krävs. Välkommen!


Showcasing solutions that help sustain the future of our morning cup Climate change is a threat to our supply of coffee. Coffee production can both be a part of the problem and the solution. Listen to scientists, NGO’s and industry discuss the challenges of climate change, deforestation and possible solutions.

The first coffee farm earned certification in 1995 and today 5 % of world’s coffee originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms. Rainforest Alliance works with coffee communities to help them adapt to the growing threat to their livelihoods from climate change and develop community structures for sustainable land use management.

Martin Persson, Associate Professor at Physical Resource Theory at Chalmers, will give an overview of what drives tropical deforestation and the resulting impacts on climate and biodiversity. The presentation will focus especially on the production and trade of agricultural commodities and discuss which role certification schemes can play in halting forest loss.

Martin Noponen, Senior Manager at Rainforest Alliance’s Climate Programme, will present how sustainability certification can be a tool to promote climate smart agriculture at the landscape level and give examples of Rainforest Alliance’s work on addressing drivers of deforestation and helping smallholder coffee farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Eva Eriksson, Sustainability Director at Löfbergs and Maria Klint, Planning Officer Sustainable Consumption Göteborg will respond in panel. The discussion will be moderated by Jan Westin, Scientific Director/Zoologist at Universeum.


Seminariet hålls den 8 september kl 15.00–16.30 i Universalen (plan 0) på Universeum.


Coffee, Climate and Deforestation (pdf)



Anmäl dig till seminariet genom att maila Ramiro Fuentes på Antalet platser är begränsat – först till kvarn!