Accessibility information

Here you will find information about the accessibility at Universeum. Please contact us for more information.


Wheelchair or other aid

Most parts of Universeum are accessible by wheelchair or other aids. In the exhibitions that reflect nature some of the surfaces and steps are steep, uneven or irregular.

Not all parts of Water’s Way and the Rainforest can be accessed by wheelchair. Follow the instructions to see as much as possible of the exhibitions.

Universeum has one wheelchair available for our visitors to borrow. Ask at Guest Services if you wish to borrow it.


Accessibility in the exhibitions


Water’s Way

Gentle slope with resting levels. Some narrow passages. The Mountain and the Bird Tower can only be accessed via the stairs, the Bridge via the ramp.


Ocean Zone and the Reptilarium

Use the door between Water’s Way and the Ocean Zone. Some narrow passages.


The Rainforest

Use the door lock by the Field Station. Turn right in the Rainforest, out through the glass doors. Follow the glass walkway and turn left through the glass door to the stairwell on level 4.

Use the air lock into and out of the Treehouse. Take the Green Lifts to level 3 and use the air lock. Follow the walkway and out through the door.

Take the Green Lifts to level 2 and use the air lock. Follow the walkway and out through the door on level 1.5.


Space and Teknoteket

No obstacles.


Health and the Chemistry lab

Some narrow passages.


Job Land

Some narrow passages. The whole exhibition can be viewed from the picnic area.



If you require a helper, a maximum of one helper is allowed free access to Universeum.


Guide dogs

Trained and marked guide dogs are allowed at Universeum. Please note that guide dogs are not allowed in the Rainforest.


Induction loops

Induction loops are installed in the Rainforest.