Useful information

We’d like you to get the most out of your visit to Universeum. Here is some useful information for you to look at before and during your visit.


Getting to Universeum is easy. We’re located in the centre of Gothenburg, right next door to Liseberg. You’ll find maps and information under Getting here.

We recommend at least 2−3 hours for your visit in order to fully experience all the exhibitions. Many choose to spend the whole day here, getting the most out of their visit. You can also buy a Two Day Ticket or an Annual Pass.


Your route through the building

Universeum is built in two blocks: the rock and the wooden ship, with the staircase in between. People usually begin with Water’s Way, the Ocean Zone and the Rainforest, and then jump over to the wooden ship. So it can be a good idea to go the other way—take the ship first and then the cliff!

You should be aware of the temperature changes in Universeum. In Water’s Way the temperature is the same as that outdoors, whereas the temperature in the Rainforest can be up to 26 degrees Celsius.


Pushchair information.

Universeum is best explored without a pushchair. A pushchair parking can be found on level 1. Pushchair locks and Babybjörn baby carriers can be borrowed from the Reception. Not all parts of Water’s Way are accessible with a pushchair, and pushchairs are not allowed in the Rainforest and the Chemistry lab. Read more.



Accessibility information

Wheelchair or other aid. Most parts of Universeum are accessible with a wheelchair or other aid. The more lifelike exhibitions feature some areas with steep, uneven or irregular flooring and stairs. Not all parts of Water’s Way and the Rainforest can be accessed with a wheelchair. Follow the on-site instructions to see the most of the exhibitions. Universeum has a wheelchair to lend visitors. Ask for it at the Reception if you wish to borrow it. Read more.


Practical information



You may leave and re-enter through the gates within 90 minutes. Save your ticket!



The Ticket Office and Reception is located on level 1.


Storage lockers

There are lockers on level 0. Locking them costs SEK 10. There is a change machine by the lockers. Universeum cannot store luggage that doesn’t fit in the lockers.



Toilets can be found on all levels, except level 1.5. Accessible toilets can be found on levels 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Baby changing room

Toilets with changing stations can be found on levels 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.



The Funicular runs from level 1 straight to level 7. The lifts by the Rainforest run between levels 0 and 4. The store lift outside the gates runs between levels 0 and 1.5. But the stairs are quicker!


The monkeys go to bed at 4 p.m

After a day of climbing and exploring, the monkeys are tired and retire to their nest. So from 4 p.m. they’re no longer out in the Rainforest.


Food and drink

We offer several options for those who want to charge the batteries with something good to eat and drink. Roberta’s Restaurant and Kafé Tukan are open the whole year round. During the summer and certain weekends and holidays we also have a smaller café on level 2. Read more.


Picnic spots

There are tables at your disposal on level 2. There are also tables for the little ones on level 0, as well as a place to heat baby food.


We care for our animals. Petting or feeding the animals is not allowed. Also remember to not use the camera’s flash among the animals.