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Test nature’s super powers Print

Make discoveries and experiment in Universeum’s new exhibition

See yourself as a fractal image in the kaleidoscope.

In Universeum’s large new exhibition you can learn about nature's fantastic qualities. Test how strong spider’s thread is, learn how a gecko lizard can climb up steep walls and take a look at the world through the eyes of a bee.

You can also climb using Velcro, compete against a cockroach, travel in a nautilus shell and discover how animals can see in the dark.

Climb up the Velcro wall! If you can’t get loose the guides will help you.

Build your own superhero

At each stand you can collect super powers from nature, in order to build your own superhero in BioHeroMaker.

Spider’s thread stronger than steel

If a spider’s thread were to be as thick as your thumb, it would probably be able to stop a jumbo jet in the air.

Spider’s thread actually has a couple of extreme properties: It is incredibly elastic and strong to be so lightweight. In relation to its weight the spider’s thread is in fact stronger than steel.

If it were to possible to create large amounts of spider’s thread on a synthetic basis, it could be used for many purposes, such as in bullet-proof vests or airbags. 

Test your own inventions

See how nature inspires new technology and create your own inventions in our large inventors’ workshop.


Here the theme is inventions with the help of recycled material and you can get to build, experiment and create by yourself.

The exhibition is a result of ideas from and close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, and the University of Gothenburg.

Compete against the cockroaches on the track. Who's going to reach the finishing line first?



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