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Spring programme for the little ones

Take your little ones to Universeum! On Mondays there is a special programme aimed at Universeum’s youngest visitors.

Time: Mondays 11 am–2 pm.

Note: No Monday Specials on 10 February (wk. 7) and 14 April (wk. 16) due to half-term and Easter school holidays.


Teddy surgery

27 January

Do you have an injured teddy? Maybe it needs to see a doctor and get a diagnosis. Bring in your teddy and head for the waiting room.

Venue: Ocean Zone, level 4


Straw rockets

3 and 17 February

Build your very own rockets and launch them into space! Try out different models – what can make them fly even further?

Venue: Space at Kalejdo, level 3

Stylish tie snakes

24 February and 3 March

Recycling old clothing can be a roaring success. This time we’ll be seeing what we can make from an old tie.

Venue: Explora, level 2


Decorate a terrarium

10 and 17 March

How would you want to live if you were a tiny creature? Come and help us make a cosy home for the smallest residents at Universeum!

Venue: Universalen, level 0 

Rain forest excursion

24 and 31 March

Come on an exciting trip where we feed, water and hunt for animals in the tropical rain forest!

Meeting place: Job Land, level 0

Build brilliant birds

7 and 21 April

We’ll be playing and designing using everything from potatoes and cotton reels to shoelaces and colourful pipe cleaners. Plus masses of glue, glitter and feathers of course!


Sticking and not sticking

28 April and 5 May

Explore the fantastic properties of magnets and create your own magnet to take home and put on the fridge.

Venue: Explora, level 2


Get up close to a snake

12 and 19 May

What do snakes eat? How long do they live? Do they sleep? What do they look like inside? Stroke a snake if you dare!

Venue: Universalen, level 0