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Sweden from north to south


Water’s Way is a living model of the Swedish landscape from north to south, allowing you to dive into life in and around Sweden’s waters.

The route winds over the mountain, through the forest grove and beaver’s lodge, via the lake and limestone rocks, past the Baltic and North Sea and finishes below the waves.

An exhibition full of Swedish animals

On the mountain, bank voles and red-backed voles live among the rocks. The cave is home to some of the little creatures that like the dark, such as earthworms, beetle larvae and ants.

Of course, there’s an adder lurking in the exhibition, along with a range of other Swedish reptiles and amphibians. The uprooted tree shelters animals like the slow worm and smooth snake.

Freshwater fish, crayfish and West Coast jetty

Water runs like a blue thread through the whole exhibition. See the different fish that live in Swedish waters and meet the crayfish. More about the crayfish

From the bird tower, you have a falcon’s eye view of the Swedish landscape.






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