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Visitors service

Ticket office will answer questions about your visit, booking guides or if you need help finding the right person.

Phone: 031-335 64 50
E-mail: info@universeum.se

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Education team

For questions about school visits and teachers training.

Phone: 031-335 64 20
E-mail: skolinfo@universeum.se

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Gunilla Lexö Kinnmark is our event coordinator. She answers all questions about events at Universeum. Read more at Event

Booking request and contact

Press contact

Eric Edblad

Phone: 031 - 335 64 16
E-mail: fornamn.efternamn@universeum.se

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Support and partners

If you are interested in a collaboration with Universeum or want to learn more about what a partnership might look like, please contact us.

Web editor

If you have comments on Universeum web or have any questions on the Web.

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