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Annual Report
Support and partners

Universeum’s collaboration with business and commerce

The shark tunnel
Fascinating discoveries in the shark tunnel.

Business and commerce need more scientists and technicians

The core of Universeum’s activities is the day-to-day programmes, guided tours, activities and education we provide for students and teachers for junior school and senior school.

The objective is to arouse a desire for learning in a general sense and particularly in science and technology so that more young people will want to take the step towards education and working in these areas. .

Approximately 50% of Universeum’s school activities are financed through sponsorship by business and commerce. This is very important support.

Schools’ financial positions are not strong which means that Universeum can recuperate only part of what it costs to produce and implement the school programme.

In 2007 we received approximately 57 000 schoolchildren within the framework of this work.

Inaguration of Krasch Bom Bang!
Representatives from Volvo and NTF at the inauguration of the exhibition Krash Boom Bang!

Active involvement produces a good result

Universeum received 530 000 visitors in 2007 and this makes demands on the contents.

Our collaboration with different companies provides us with valuable information, finance and a helping hand in the planning and implementation of new exhibitions and programme activities.

The collaboration gives us access to the latest technological development and the companies’ leading edge skills. The result is good, current, exciting and inspiring contents for both adults and children.

Polis och gäster
Police in talks with guests at the inauguration.

A meeting place that inspires

Universeum is an arena for meetings between schools, companies and the research community.

By working together with partners, implementing school programmes, future days, special exhibitions, seminars and other activities, together we provide space for creativity and new initiatives and encounter the curiosity of young people and encourage the desire to learn more.

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