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Easter Holiday Programme Print
fredag, 11 april 2014

Easter activities with birds and dinosaurs


During Easter week there is so much to choose from at Universeum. A new feature is the dinosaurs that have roared their way out onto the terrace. This year they’re accompanied by lave and a smoking volcano!

You can find out all about birds and other flying objects in the Bird’s Nest. Examine a feather really close up, build a plane and go birdspotting in the Rainforest.

What do you want to be when you grow up? In the newly opened Future Choices exhibition, you can find out about all the different jobs and challenges in science and technology.

Welcome to the Easter holidays at Universeum!

New exhibition: Future Choices Print
torsdag, 10 april 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Vad vill du bli när du blir stor? Framtidsval - ny utställning på Universeum

Saturday 12 April is the opening day for Future Choices, an exhibition where you can find out about all the different jobs in science and technology.

What do you think the future will be like?

As a young person, you can be part of the solution to many future challenges, including issues of climate change.

In this exhibition, you can help solve problems where technology and science may be the answer.

Collaborative project

The exhibition is produced by Universeum in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

The exhibition is located on Floor 2, right by Nature’s Super Powers.




Helgaktivitet för unga Print
tisdag, 01 april 2014
Sorry, this page is not available in English.

Söndag 11 maj kl. 10-18


Föreställ dig att vattennivån i Göteborg har stigit med tre meter... Det är inte helt omöjligt enligt vissa framtidsforskare.

Med stor sannolikhet kommer framtidens samhälle att ställas inför tuffa utmaningar som kräver annorlunda lösningar. Staden Göteborg behöver tänka om, tänka nytt och kreativt!

Under en heldag kommer du tillsammans med andra ungdomar, en forskare och en konstnär att arbeta med utmaningar som rör Göteborg i framtiden.

Du får lära dig jobba i annorlunda former tillsammans med människor som inte tänker som du. Dessutom får du möjlighet att dela med dig av erfarenheterna till andra ungdomar i Europa.

När: Söndag 11 maj kl. 10-18.

Var: Universeum

För vem? Gymnasieelever som är grymt intresserade av att påverka!

Anmäl dig snarast till: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


PS. Universeum bjuder på go lunch och fika.


Return of the dinosaurs! Print
tisdag, 01 april 2014

Walk amongst the dinosaurs at the terrace


Have you missed the dinosaurs? They are back on the roof terrace, this time with volcanoes and lava!

Sounds scary? Well it was certainly scary for the dinosaurs when many of them were buried deep underground.

dinosaurierer_universeum_2014-2.jpgBut it’s partly thanks to volcanic eruptions that so many dinosaurs have been preserved as fossils. And fossils are how we’ve found out so much about the lives of the dinosaurs!

Walk amongst the dinosaurs

The dinosaurs are full of life, moving and roaring at visitors. You’ll encounter ten different species, from the biggest carnivores to herbivores and flying dinosaurs. Join a Dino Tour with a guide to get to know them better!

Dino BBQ

Next to the dinosaurs is a restaurant serving barbecued food, burgers, fish and vegetarian options. The menu has plenty for children and adults alike.

Dino BBQ is open Friday to Sunday and for the whole of Easter week, 14-21 April.




Go birdwatching
Fågelspaning på Universeum

Download Universeum Bird Book
and start scouting!

Monday Specials
Vårens program för Måndagsrassel

Monday Specials is a special programme designed for Universeum’s youngest guests. Mondays 11am-2pm.

Programme pdf (in Swedish)

Map of Universeum
Öppna karta i nytt fönster
Map of Universeum
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